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International Camps

Berlitz International Camps

For future success in a globalizing world

To be successful in a globalizing society, it is very important not only to learn foreign languages but also to nurture the understanding of diversity, logical thinking, and presentation skills. Berlitz believes that the best way to acquire these skills and awareness is to go abroad and learn through real experiences and exposure to different cultures.

Berlitz International Camps are specially designed study abroad programs offered during the summer and winter. Teenagers from around the world will learn together in shared accommodation. These programs focus on experiential learning to broaden the horizons of teenagers and encourages them to become global citizens.

Uniqueness of International Camps

Berlitz International Camps offer the perfect combination of communicative language learning and a variety of stimulating activities.

Learning progress at Berlitz International Camps means first and foremost:

  • learn and improve their foreign language skills
  • become familiar with communication, interviewing and presentation techniques
  • participate in stimulating, fun activities and workshops
  • have the chance to make new friends from different countries
  • become more aware of cultural differences
  • share fun activities with friends of all kinds
  • be completely immersed in a foreign language-speaking environment