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Berlitz Cultural Consulting - Cultural Business Seminars


To communicate effectively while doing business in today's global economy you need to understand foreign cultures, their values, culture and business practices in every detail and interpret them correctly. More than 15 years ago, Berlitz developed intercultural training programmes to complement our language training. Since then, Berlitz has become one of the leading professional cultural consulting companies, providing such training globally.

With over 550 training centres in more than 70 countries Berlitz can provide a full range of special programmes with the highest standards and content. The network of Berlitz employees, experts, trainers and consultants guarantees up-to-date and fast access to all important information regarding your target country.


With more than 300 consultants worldwide Berlitz has one of the largest networks of certified professionals in intercultural training. Take a look at the outstanding qualifications of the Berlitz consultants:

  • Years of experience living and working abroad 
  • Extensive training experience
  • International and/or intercultural studies 
  • Certified through Berlitz

Berlitz Cultural Consulting offers you the following additional advantages:

  • Consultant services to plan your training programmes
  • Tailor-made seminar content
  • Follow-up support after the training is complete
  • Analysis of individual communication and behaviour styles of the participants with the help of the Berlitz Style Assessment Tool (BSAT)

Intercultural training for

  • Company teams/employees doing regular business abroad
  • Expatriates on assignment abroad
  • Coaching for individuals
  • Multinational Teams

Solutions Beyond Language

Relevant, Responsive, Cost Effective, The Competitive Edge

Our programmes inspire executives to :

  • Demonstrate greater cultural effectiveness and accountability while managing international employees and projects and
  • Exhibit cultural competence while maximizing employee contributions.

The Berlitz Advantage will enable you to:

  • Build cohesive and productive face-to-face multicultural and virtual teams.
  • Develop critical relationship-building skills for employees.
  • Support employee family adjustment.
  • And provide immediate, affordable training with our Online programmes.   

A core task of an effective global executive is to direct interaction at these three key cultural interfaces: Individual, Corporate, and National culture. All Berlitz Cultural Consulting programs address this