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Communication (kulturell kommunikasjon)

It's all about communication.

Paul Watzlawick was quoted as saying: "You can not not communicate".

In this statement he meant that simple human behaviour is already a communicative character. It is not always all about words; it is about perception, about your own behaviour, the pitch of your voice, your manner in negotiations and also your compliance with rules and formalities.

How someone perceives you and understands you is therefore a very important factor in business success.

Due to this reason, your Berlitz trainer will teach you soft skillsand social skills. These skills will allow you to communicate successfully as an executive manager, at meetings, during presentations and most importantly, during day-to-day team communication. 

After completing the Berlitz training, you will be able to utilise these invaluable skills in both your mother tongue' and also a foreign language, thus giving you a distinct advantage in the business world.