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Practical language training tailored to your needs

In cooperation with Berlitz, Statkraft offers practical language training tailored to employees that need to improve their language skills.

Corporate Language Programs at Berlitz provides all levels of language lessons across the globe, from beginner through professional. The Berlitz language training courses are suitable for individuals (1-1) or smaller groups of employees, and the content is customizable and vocabulary specific to the participants needs. Highly trained, native-fluent instructors give participants confidence to speak and understand the new language.

Berlitz offers individual (1-1) and group courses in the following languages:

English Italian Greek Norwegian French
Bulgarian Swedish Spanish Hebrew Danish
Portuguese Arabic German Czech Afrikaans
Dutch Polish Chinese Flemish Russian

For more information and consulting for a course, please contact Berlitz:

Fridtjof Stalsberg
Email: fridtjof.stalsberg@berlitz.no
Tlf: 23 00 33 67