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Specially Designed Language Training

The course that guarantees success

Relevant course material boosts your motivation and progress.
This is your language training dream come true.
Any language - any industry - any budget
Starting with a conversation with our contact person in your company (often HR), we map your company's needs and wishes and create course material tailored down to the very detail.

We have developed course material for language training in Norwegian and English for an infrastucture project, employees in oil/gas, a trainee program,  the food import business and more.

Ready-to-go options (for language training in English unless otherwise specified):

Audit and Tax Professionals
Basic Business Skills, Beginner
Basic Reception Skills, Beginner
Business Interviews, Intermediate (Eng, Fr, Ger)
Business Law 1, Advanced
Business Law 2, Advanced
Business Interview, Intermediate
Conference Calls, Intermediate
Effective Emails, Intermediate
Energy Industry, Advanced
Furniture Industry, Advanced
Gastronomy, Advanced
Hotel Staff A, Beginner     
Hotel Staff B, Beginner
Hotel Staff B, Intermediate
Hotel Staff C, Beginner
Improving Office Skills, Intermediate
Insurance Professionals, Intermediate+
IT, Intermediat
Marketing Glossary
Nursing A, Intermediate    
Nursing B, Intermediate
Nursing C, Intermediate
Spanish Nursing 1             
Spanish Nursing 2
Spanish Nursing 3             
Spanish Nursing 4
Oil Industry, Beginner I       
Oil Industry, Beginner 2
Oil Industry, Intermediate
Oil Industry, Advanced
Project Management, Advanced
Socializing and Small Talk, Intermediate
Technical Writing, Advanced
Telephoning Basics, Beginner
Wind Power, Beginner 1
Wind Power, Beginner 2
Wind Power, Intermediate
Wind Power, Advanced I      
Wind Power, Advanced 2
Conference Calls, Advanced
Human Resources 1, Advanced
Human Resources 2, Advanced
Human Resources 3, Advanced
Human Resources 4, Advanced
Language of Meetings, Advanced
Oil Industry, Advanced
Presentation Skills, Advanced
Socializing and Small Talk, Advanced

We will also be pleased to visit your company to advise you directly.