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Corporate Training

Corporate Group Instruction

Successful learning despite a hectic schedule.

Who is it for?

Corporate Group Instruction is training specifically tailored to the needs of a group of co-workers or team members. It is an economical way to provide instruction for those who are at similar levels and who have the same needs and objectives. Team members meet in groups of up to 6 individuals, ensuring everyone has the opportunity for personal attention and group participation.

A tailor-made course for employees with a constantly changing schedule. Particularly suitable for people who want to learn or brush up language skills quickly and with a high degree of flexibility.

The benefits:

  • You specify the number of lessons depending on the language goal of the employees
  • Group sizes are made up of between 2 and 6 participants
  • Professional commitments within the firm are taken into account
  • Maximum flexibility, as lessons can be postponed up to 12 noon the previous working day
  • The teaching plan is tailored to requirements relevant to the employees' positions
  • Multiple platform delivery — instruction can be delivered at a Berlitz Learning Center, at your company or online via the Berlitz® Virtual Classroom.
  • For all languages

How it works:

With Corporate Group Instruction there is no minimum number of lessons and no fixed contract duration. The course is tailored as much as possible to fit around the employees' commitments and goals.

Free course advice and level assessment:

We will be pleased to answer your questions personally. And your employees will, of course, receive an assessment test (Berlitz Level/CEF) free of charge in order to ascertain their current language level.

Why choose Berlitz?

Because it's personalized language learning that works! We place the focus where it belongs – on you. Our highly trained, native-fluent instructors are dedicated to your success and will always consider your personal learning style, interests, and goals. 

We would also be pleased to visit your company to advise you directly.