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Equinor- FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Technical issues

Q1: Can I use my more than one PC or MAC for my Berlitz Virtual Classroom lessons?

A1: Yes, you may use more than one PC / MAC - You may simply log on in the same way regardless of which computer

you used in the last lesson.


Q2: Can I use my tablet / iPad for Berlitz Virtual Classroom lessons?

A2: Yes and No. 

If one participant uses a tablet / iPad for the course - the whole group has to use a tablet / iPad. Thus, if you want to use a tablet / iPad, please coordinate with the other participants in your group.

Official Norwegian tests

Q3: I'm planning to take the Norwegian test "Norskprøven" - will the Norwegian course I take with Berlitz prepare me for this kind of test?

A3: Short answer: No.
The course has a general course content, and will not prepare you specifically for a test.
Berlitz can provide preparation courses for different recognized language certifications; however this type of language training is not included in our frame agreement with Equinor.
Please note :

  • Berlitz courses are not generally adapted to exam preparation.
  • Berlitz does not arrange for the registering or the taking of any of the public tests.


Q4: I will apply for permanent residence permit in Norway, and there are certain requirements regarding the Norwegian language to achieve it. Do you know what those requirements are?

A4: We encourage you to learn more about the requirements here:


Do you have any questions or doubts? You are always welcome to contact Berlitz Course Coordinator for Equinor:

Monika Bugge
Phone: +47 23 00 33 68 (direct) / 60 (reception)