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Equinor - Cross Cultural Training

Berlitz is happy to welcome Equinor employees for Berlitz Cross Cultural Training.


Our 1 day Berlitz Cultural Workshops for culturally diverse teams:

The workshops will provide you with cultural awareness, sensitivity and agility to successfully achieve your objectives in a global environment.

Workshops will be tailor-made according to demand.

The training may be delivered at Equinor locations or live in webinars.


Be prepared

What are your cultural preferences? Which aspects of a particular culture could be valuable for you to learn more about before meeting with your colleagues or clients from that culture?

The Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI) will tell you about your cultural preferences and, based on these, tell you how you may experience meeting with a specific culture - or explain some of the experiences you already have meeting that culture, and give you new insight.

You get access to the COI before taking one of the 1 day workshops mentioned above.


To enter the webinar, you need:


Do you have any questions or doubts? You are always welcome to contact Berlitz Course Coordinator for Equinor:

Monika Bugge

Phone: +47 23 00 33 68 (direct) / 60 (reception)