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eBerlitz – Tailor made instruction via Internet

Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) : 

Traditional teaching in an untraditional way.

You will meet the teacher via the Internet, according to a set schedule. You will communicate via a shared screen image (which shows an electronic version of the book or a virtual white board) and a headset with a microphone. 

BVC lessons are conducted live with a teacher via the Internet; using voice communication, application sharing and interactive graphic tools.  (For example, there is an interactive whiteboard where you can, point to, draw, type messages to the teacher)

This is live real-time instruction with a native Berlitz Instructor.  The classes are identical in content, approach, and materials to what you experience in any Berlitz Language Centre

BVC lessons are delivered using an interactive platform and this allows you to stream the lessons for self-access review and playback in two weeks after the lesson.

BVC - Key Features and Benefits

CONVENIENCE - Students can take lessons from anywhere with an Internet connection at home, work or while traveling.

CONSISTENCY - Students can continue their program with the same 1-2 instructors even when they move to another country/continent

ACCESSIBLITY - The technology is very user friendly. 

REVIEW - Lessons are recorded and can be downloaded to your computer for review.

EFFECTIVENESS:  Not seeing the instructor can be an advantage, because there are fewer visual distractions, allowing student to focus exclusively on the language   

Blended Learning: CyberTeachers & Telephone Lessons

The combination of individual telephone instruction and a licence for CyberTeachers. Even more opportunities for faster results.

Telephone Lessons:

Personal live instruction over the telephone with a native speaker trainer - highly specialized content and short units to ensure maximum success.

CyberTeachers Live:

CyberTeachers Live is the tutor-assisted version of our award-winning online program. With this option, you’ll benefit from the live presence of your personal tutor and from conversation classes animated in our Virtual Classrooms. In addition, with CyberTeachers Live, you benefit from the live presence of your personal tutor 5 days a week, 24 hours a day.