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Aker Solutions

Berlitz Language Training in Norwegian and English for Aker Solutions

Berlitz is happy to welcome Aker Solutions employees for Berlitz Language Training in Norwegian and English!

Below, please find practical information about Berlitz and Getting started in 3 Steps.

Language training is offered for:
  • English
  • Norwegian

Registration deadline for spring semester: 10 February 2014
Launch of spring semester: as of 3 March 2014

The Berlitz Method® - Practical language training

We maintain your motivation and progress through the Berlitz Method®. We always try to arrange for you to have at least 2 teachers during your course, to provide you with the valuable exercise of hearing different ways of speaking and expressing yourself in English / Norwegian.

Berlitz Virtual Classroom - BVC Guide

  • Live language training with a real teacher The Berlitz Method® delivered online
  • Shared screen image with your teacher A virtual white board or an electronic version of your book
  • Take your lessons from almost anywhere Your office / home / hotel room
  • You need 3 things a PC or a MAC + a stable internet connection + a headset with a microphone

Getting started in 3 Steps

STEP 1 REGISTER (by 10 February 2014)

1. Please fill out the registration form:

Registration form for Aker Solutions group

2. Get approval from your manager (by e-mail) and forward it to us together with your registration form. Your manager can be also just listed in Cc.

3. Please send the filled-out form and the approval in an email:
SUBJECT FIELD: Aker Solutions - Enrollment, (your name)
Send to: natalia.markovicova@berlitz.be
You will receive a confirmation by email.

STEP 2 ASSESSMENT OF LEVEL (by 17 February 2014)

What's your level?

We ask you kindly to dedicate about 25 minutes of your time to assess your current language level.
We will establish homogenous groups regarding level, to ensure an optimal learning environment for all participants.

Test your English skills
Online level test

Please register with your Aker Solutions email address. You will receive your test result automatically per email. We will receive your test result automatically too.

Test your Norwegian skills

Do you already know some Norwegian?

1. Please find the written part of the test via the link. Fill it out as far as your Norwegian skills allow you to.
The test gets gradually more challenging.

2. Save your test and send it per email following the instructions below
SUBJECT FIELD: Aker Solutions - Norwegian Level Test, (your name)
Send to: natalia.markovicova@berlitz.be

If needed, we can contact you shortly for the oral part of the test (by phone). You will receive your test result per email.
Learn more about Berlitz Level Descriptions here.


Berlitz will process all registrations, testing and create groups by 28 February 2014.
You will be contacted by Berlitz between 10 and 28 February 2014 by e-mail with the information about your group and group participants. You will be offered free time slots for your instruction by the Berlitz Virtual Center. Participants within each group communicate together in order to choose the most suitable option. We recommend to choose 2 x 2 lessons or 2 x 3 lessons a week in order to complete 1 level within approximately 3 months.
We offer online lessons to the following times - Central European Time:
Sunday - Thursday 06:00 - 21:00 and Friday 06:00 - 12:30

Technical requirements


Test computer for Adobe Connect

BVC tutorial video

During your course and upon completion, you will receive:

Progress reports Feedback to you. To contribute to your motivation and determinedness, your teacher gives you individual feedback on your progress during your course and at the end.
Evaluation forms Feedback from you. We kindly ask for your feedback about your teacher and the course content. Of course we make adjustments if necessary.
Certificate of Completion Upon course completion - minimum 60 % participation.

Do you have any questions or doubts? You are always welcome to contact Berlitz Course Coordinator for Aker Solutions:

Natalia Markovicova
Phone: +47 23 00 33 68 (direct) / 60 (reception)